This is the path to true peace, lasting influence and meaningful living!  Please Be guided accordingly:

  1. Always remember that you can grow without destroying others.
  2. Always remember that your dreams can be fulfilled without sabotaging others.
  3. Always remember that nobody must go down for you to rise.
  4. Always remember that nobody must be shamed or embarrassed for your smile to be sustained.
  5. Always remember that while others are rising, you can also rise.
  6. Always remember that finding satisfaction in the pain of others will never bring you true happiness.
  7. Always remember that what you wish others is a prayer for yourself.
  8. Become the good fire that genuinely lights up others, not one that ruins the joy, goodwill, and expectation of others.
  9. Never take delight in causing pain or sponsoring the tears of another.
  10. Allow the true FEAR OF GOD to guide your days, STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS and SET YOUR COURSE.
  • I’m ‘Slowly’ Learning That I Don’t Have To React To ‘Everything’ That Bothers Me.
  • I’m slowly learning that I don’t have to hurt those who hurt me.
  • I’m slowly learning that maybe the ‘ultimate’ sign of maturity is walking away instead of getting even.
  • I’m slowly learning that the energy it takes to react to every bad thing that happens to me drains me and stops me from seeing the other good side of things in life.
  • I’m slowly learning that I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and I won’t be able to get everyone to treat me the way I want to be treated ‘and that’s okay.’
  • I’m slowly learning that trying so hard to ‘win’ Everyone is just a ‘waste’ of time and energy and it fills me with ‘nothing’ but emptiness.
  • I’m slowly learning that not reacting doesn’t mean I’m okay with things, it just means I’m choosing to ‘rise’ above it.
  • I’m choosing to take the ‘lesson’ it has served and learn from it I’m choosing to be ‘the bigger’ person.
  • I’m choosing my ‘peace of mind’ because that’s what I ‘truly’ need. I don’t need more drama. I don’t need people making me feel like I’m not good enough. I don’t need fights and arguments and ‘fake’ connections. I’m slowly learning that sometimes ‘not’ saying anything at all says everything.’
  • I’m slowly learning that reacting to things that upset me gives someone else power over ‘my’ emotions.
  • I can’t control what others do but i can control how i respond, how i handle it, how i perceive it and ‘how much of it’ i want to take personally. I’m slowly learning that most of the time, these situations say nothing about me and a lot about the other person.
  • I’m slowly learning that even if I react, it won’t change anything, it won’t make people suddenly love and respect me, it won’t magically change their minds.
  • Sometimes it’s better to just let things be, let people go, ‘don’t’ fight for closure, ‘don’t’ ask for explanations, ‘don’t’ chase answers and ‘don’t’ expect people to understand me.

Enough word for  the wise… Have a blessed day ahead????❤️



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