1. When you meet young people – *INSPIRE THEM.*
2. When you meet children – *EDUCATE THEM.*
3. When you meet old people – *HELP THEM.*
4. When you meet wise people – *STUDY THEM.*
5. When you meet leaders – *HONOUR THEM.*
6. When you meet foolish people – *AVOID THEM.*
7. When you meet humble people – *TREASURE THEM.*
8. When you meet arrogant people – *IGNORE THEM.*
9. When you meet gracious people – *EMULATE THEM* .
10. When you meet aspirational people – *ELEVATE THEM.*
11. When you meet strong people – *SUPPORT THEM.*
12. When you meet Godly people – *BLESS THEM.*
13. When you meet elderly people – *RESPECT THEM.*
14. When you meet weak people – *STRENGTHEN THEM.*
15. When you meet hardworking people – *ENCOURAGE THEM.*
16. When you meet kind people – *ESTEEM THEM.*
17. When you meet Honest people – *PROMOTE THEM.*
18. When you meet virtuous people – *REWARD THEM.*
19. When you meet evil people – *EVADE THEM.*
20. And in all situation “ *Watch, Pray and wish everyone well.*
1. Dr. Ben Carson said, “I struggled academically throughout elementary school yet became the best neurosurgeon in the world in 1987.”
• MORAL LESSON: Struggling is a sign that you are on a verge of success. Don’t quit yet.
2. Bill Gates said, “I didn’t even complete my university education but became the world’s richest man.”
• MORAL LESSON: School does not make you rich. School is only supposed to polish what will make you rich, not make you rich.
3. Christiano Ronaldo said, “I told my father that we would be very rich but he couldn’t believe me. I made it a reality.”
• Moral LESSON: Your words rule your life. If you mean what you have said, each word will come to pass. You get what you say.
4. Hear Lionel Messi!, “I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training and still became one of the world’s best footballers.”
• MORAL LESSON: Believe in your dream. Don’t let your pain tell you how your future will.


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