When he proposed to me, I told him I had a daughter. He told me he had a son. He didn’t have any problem about me having a child and I didn’t have a problem too. All I needed to know was his relationship with the mother of his son.

A year later I met his son. A sweet young boy at my daughter’s age. He came with him to my place often so the two of them could play and bond. When I bought something for my daughter, I bought the same for his son, even when he wasn’t with me.

When he talked about marriage, I asked how were going to raise the kids—his and mine. He wanted his son to continue living with his mother. I told him, “If his mother won’t be a problem, you can bring him to live with us so we can be one family.”

Exactly what happened after marriage. We are living together as a beautiful family. Nothing has changed. I take care of his son like my own. I buy for both of them. I go out with them. I’ve even told people they were twins so they would stop asking questions.

The issue here is this; my husband doesn’t pay fees for my daughter. Our kids are in the same school and in the same class. He goes to the school and pays for only his son. He would call and tell me he had paid and say nothing about my daughter.

One term, I paid the fees for both of them. I told him I’d paid and he said thank you. I did it for two terms but the next term when he had to pay, he still paid for only his son.

Is that how things are supposed to be? Or I’m the one expecting too much from my husband?

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