Ivan Mawanda

The best thing about me;
there are no other copies !!!

It's hard to find someone who is 96% Funny, 98% Loving, and 99% Intelligent.
Ivan is a system analyst yet not glued to screen, he trained his mind to see good in every situation by taking an individual stand with a soul of creative inspiration. By the Grace of God Ivan is gifted with using wisdom to inspire, educate, bring love and joy to others which contributes to healthier lives.

The best thing about me;
there are no other copies !!!

Knowledge isn't free...
You have to pay attention

Write an easy that answers all these questions:
1. What life experiences have led you to devalue yourself?
2. What price do you pay for feeling the way you do?
3. How much does it hold you back?
4. Are you angry enough about what is going on?

5. What is your plan?
6. When will you start

I believe we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason.  After writing your evaluation and assessment essay, THINK YOU CAN: Your imaginative power, is your creative ability.  Just as physical exercise increases your chances for health, mental exercise increases your chance for wealth with progress beyond imagination. Thoughts are the building blocks of life… simply buy yourself a copy to begin.

Personal Inquiry (Choices matter, Discover your talent, Seek Knowledge and Wisdom)
Be Focused (Financially, Discipline and Personalty)
Family and Professionalism (Don't worry about things you've already lost)
Development (Trust in God, Find a mentor and have a vision)


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Some people want material things. Me... I just want peace, happy times, and people who love me.

Be the same person privately, publicly and personally !!!

The best thing about me; there are no other copies !!!